About Zeon

A market leader

Part of the Herald group, Zeon Ltd is the UK's largest importer and distributor of timepieces. Our annual sales of over 2.5 million timepieces represent approximately 13% of the total UK watch sales and we have a growing position in the world marketplace. Zeons turnover exceeds GBP £39 million.

Built on brands

Zeon believes in brands. We have built the core of our business around the strength of brand names. As a licensee, or distributor we have partnered with the owners of some of the most recognisable labels in Europe. Brands such as: Vivienne Westwood, Braun, Jack Wills and Ingersoll.

Own brands

Zeon owns the famous Ingersoll trademark. Ingersoll's origins date back to 1892. The Ingersoll brand is now distributed in 48 countries throughout the world. Zeon has also invested in the Swiss watch making company Ventura, known for its innovative and state of the art functions and design.

Financial strength

Zeon is a subsidiary of the Herald Group, a Hong Kong public quoted company with a strong financial base, total net assets at 31st March 2018 of £74 million with a cash balance of £14 million and no borrowing.

Strong partnerships

Zeon brings a straight forward philosophy to its brands: Product, Packaging and Marketing all must reflect the essence of the brand. In approaching any license, our goal is to develop a commercially successful line whose product and presentation enhance the brand's image and reputation.

Distribution & facilities

Zeons headquarters are located in London. This facility with around 50 employees, houses our merchandising and management offices, as well as our warehouse and distribution centre incorporating the latest technology in computerised pick and dispatch machinery.